Public Grievance Monitoring System

The Public Grievance Monitoring System facilitates to record the Complaints and Grievances to serve the public. If you have any complaints/grievance then please feel free to write. To register your complaints/grievance please read these important points:

Please mention your full details in different fields like Name, Address, City etc.

Please mention your previous efforts in the related department with particular officers. Also mention letter No or File No (If any).

You will get a Reference ID after sending your complaints/grievance. Please keep this Reference ID for future communication with us. If you want to send any supporting documents then please send those documents through email to along with your reference id.

Public Grievance Monitoring System maintains the Record Complaints and it gives Compliments, Suggestions or Resolution etc. We forward the details to the concerned officials of the related department and constantly get the feedback from them.

Write your Grievance Here









                 Name: E-mail: Webpage: Your Grievance Contact No: City Address: Subject:  
        I hereby state that the grievance does not pertain to disciplinary matters covered by statutory rules, bilateral disputes and the matter is not pending with any court/ tribunal.

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