For the first time in the history of Indian e - Governance services... Rao Rajendra Singh has introduced Online Village Community for the small villages of Shahpura region.

You can find various information related to population, literacy rate, number of house holds and other social development.

Rao Rajendra Singh is constantly working for the betterment of the lives of rural population. He is committed to provide better facilities and high values to rural population.

Public Grievance Monitoring System

Rao Rajendra Singh has also introduced a Public Greivance Monitoring System.
The Public Grievance Monitoring System facilitates to record the Complaints and Grievances to serve the public. If you have any complaints/grievance then please feel free to write. Please Click Here to know more.

If you have registered the reference previously then you can get the work staus of your complaint/grievance.
Please Click here to proceed.

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